E. "Merita" Lewis-Spencer
Register of Deeds - Hyde County, NC

Instrument Recording Standards

(G.S. 161-14) All documents presented for registration after July 1, 2002 must meet the following requirements:

  • Be presented on 8 1/2 by 11 or 8 1/2 by 14 inch paper.
  • Contain a blank margin of at least three inches at the top of the first page, blank margins of at least 1/2 inch on the remaining sides of the first page, and blank margins of at least 1/2 inch on all sides of subsequent pages.
  • Be typed or printed in black on white paper
  • Be typed or printed in a legible font no smaller than 10 points Blanks in an instrument may be completed in pen and corrections to an instrument may be made in pen.
  • Contain text typed or printed on one side of a page only.
  • Type of instrument must be stated at the top of the first page.

If an instrument does not meet these requirements, the register of deeds shall record the instrument after collecting the fee of $25.00 for nonstandard documents in addition to all other applicable recording fees.

Special Recording Rules

Deeds - All deeds must contain the grantee's address.

Maps - All maps must be 18x24 and must be approved by the county review officer (located in the tax department). The only exception to this is that the map contain one of the following statements:

  • That the survey is of an existing parcel or parcels of land and does not create a new street or change in an existing street;
  • That the survey is of an existing building or other structure, or natural feature, such as a watercourse;
  • That the survey is a control survey.
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